1/4 Mile Cannons - Urban Warrior Potato Gun Cannon

1/4 Mile Cannons - Urban Warrior Potato Gun Cannon

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Potato Cannons are built to launch potatoes from 100 feet up to a 1/4 mile. Just add hair spray and let her rip!

This is one of the coolest toys ever! (For those of you who are thinking, "This is not a toy. It's dangerous!" You've never seen a grown man with a potato gun!)

And it makes an awesome GIFT too!

The Potato Masher - City Slicker is:

  • Legal - According to the ATF, a potato cannon is not classified as a "firearm."
  • Includes a Twist Spark Ignition
  • Manufactured with a Muzzle Knife (for easy potato loading)
  • 31" L, 2" x 12" Chamber, 1-1/2" x 18" Barrel
  • Made in America - black/white
  • A Great Time for Friends and Family!
  • A Heck of a Lot of Fun!
  • Optional Tennis Ball Attachment for all sorts of excitement.

WARNING: Potentially Dangerous. Adult Supervision Required! Recommended Age Group: 10-100 yrs

Designed to be used with everyday aerosol hairspray as propellant.

Easy to use: just load potato, spray hairspray, twist the ignition and BAM...the potato goes flying like a rocket! And when shooting walls, you end up with mashed potatoes!!!

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